NSLC Cannabis


  • Front End Build Script to generate HTML, CSS and bundled JS
  • Major functionalities: Search Results page, Product Listing page
HTML (Pug) Javascript (ES6) CSS (Sass) jQuery Node.js Gulp Sitecore

Crombie REIT


  • AirBnb style Google Map functionality
  • Individual property page with Google Map Street view in slider
Drupal 8 HTML (Pug) Javascript (ES6) CSS (Sass) jQuery

Jazz Aviation LP

@Famous Folks

  • Heavy animation functionality based on user's scroll position using Greensock
  • Major functionalities: Animation on user's scroll, Our Fleet
Javascript CSS jQuery Greensock JS Wordpress

Dhaval Vyas


  • Designing and developing complete site using new JS framework - Vue.js
  • Hosting site on Netlify and handling CI / CD using Github branches
Vue.js Sass Nuxt.js GraphCMS Netlify

Garden Gangsters

@Famous Folks

  • Smooth page transition when user navigates to different pages of the site
  • Dynamic open / closed functionality in footer
Javascript CSS jQuery Wordpress

Cadilac Fairview

@Famous Folks

  • AirBnb style map view for Property listing
  • 3D model for property availability
Javascript CSS jQuery

Grand Pre 2017

@Famous Folks

  • Animated elements on home page usgin Scrollmagic and Tweenmax
  • Easy to read layout for Schedule page
Javascript CSS jQuery Scrollmagic Tweenmax Wordpress

Blue Elephant Marketing & Design

@Famous Folks

  • Initial built up for the site
Javascript CSS jQuery Wordpress



  • Initial built up for the site
Javascript CSS jQuery Drupal

ArcelorMittal Corporate


  • Large website with multiple functionalities
Javascript CSS jQuery Sitecore